a research centre in the desert with 3 bedrooms/appartments

head quarter: reception, employee canteen and staffroom with card table, hifi, coffee machine, waiting hall, two offices, helokopter landing platform, telescope, gym, shower

3 staff tenements – each with living- and bedroom, bath and porch
2 machine halls with microscope, workbench, 2 computer workplaces, blic bloc game, glashouse

depot, shady BBQ place

adress: desert bloom park
oasis springs centre

only basegame required
place the lot from the build mode to keep resized objects

Value: 319491
Furnished: Fully
Decorated: Throughout
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 5
Stories: 2
Lot Size: 50×50

Fully Furnished Residential Lot (50×50)



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File File size
zip area42 218 KB

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