Contemporary Cottage 2

Contemporary Cottage 2

So the first two houses that your sim looked at weren’t to their liking. They were just too… divided. Perhaps this one will suit!

Like the other houses, this is a one bedroom, one bath deal that like the last house has an open floor plan. This house, however, is smaller. That’s not a bad thing, though! Just think — a smaller house means less crap — I mean, junk — um… stuff? That your sim can accumulate to, ah, make the home look lived in. This house really is perfect for the single, career-oriented sim who is just starting out in life. Of course, if you Sim Gods and Goddesses decide to place this on a bigger lot, there will be plenty of room to expand. As it is, though, there isn’t here — just enough room to have a nice outdoors space that can be used for entertaining.

But it’s still a house! Right? At least the toilet isn’t on the lawn…

Creator Notes

This is a CC free lot, but as with my other lots — Vintage Home and Cozy Contemporary — there are three pieces of CC that I have used that make the pictures look the way that they do. Here they are below:

Shimrod’s Improved Lighting
Plasticbox’s More Corners For Siding
Kiwisims_4’s Default Grass Replacement

I have also used one mod for the placement of the tv. I highly recommend it, since it allows you to put electronics on everything (and therefore build more cheaply, because you don’t have to spend beaucoup on tv stands). It’s Plasticbox’s Electronics Anywhere.

They are not needed to play this lot. However, the first three eliminate some annoyances and the last one is just plain useful. The lot was placed in Oasis Springs on the Nookstone lot. I think it fits nicely there. 🙂

Value: 17751
Furnished: Fully
Decorated: Throughout
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Stories: 1
Lot Size: 20×15

Fully Furnished Residential Lot (20×15)



Download mod

File File size
zip Cozy Contemporary Cottage 2 133 KB

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