Kitty Slippers

Kitty Slippers

Kitty Slippers – This is the first sims 3 to sims 4 CAS item that I have converted and they were so annoying and a huge learning experience! A huge HUGE thank you to Andrew at @sims4studioofficial for helping me with the UV_1 mapping (and answering all the questions I had)! These kitties come in a variety of colors/markings and are available for both male and females, child through elder. Puppy slippers coming soon! Enjoy!


Made for The Sims 4
23 Colors/markings
Toddler – Elder (Males/Females)
Base game compatible
Updated: lower LODs
Slider compatible
Custom catalog thumbnail
Just a small note – Instead of overlapping like pieces on the UV map for each slipper (so one foot mirrors the other), I left them mapped separately so you can have a different kitty on each


Made with Sims 4 Studio, Blender and Photoshop
The help of Andrew :D!
Base texture from The Sims 3

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