Madlens Serafino Sandals recolor

Madlens Serafino Sandals recolor

I nervously bring you my very first piece of CC: a recolor of Madlen’s lovely Serafino Sandles! I haven’t had a simblr long, but in the short time I’ve been here I’ve learned so much about the community and the game that I never thought I would get into. I really look forward to growing friendships with you guys ^_^ Okay so enough with the sappy stuff.


Mesh/Texture Credit: Madlen (Please download her amazing originals!)
Teen-Elder Female
7 Swatches (I just realized I left dark green out of the screenshot, sheesh) in 3 Poppet colors, 3 CuriousB colors, and one rose pattern

Background pattern by Sergio Zeiger

Seeing as this is my first recolor, my TOU are virtually non-existant as of yet so all credit for the mesh and texture goes to Madlen. Use Madlen’s TOU as a guide.


Clever simblr

Download mod

File File size
zip [cleversimblr] Madlen Serafino Recolors 130 KB

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