No-Nyans *facepalm* Plain recolors of EP04′s ‘Cat Flats’


I was quite impressed with the CAS and Build/Buy items that came with Cats and Dogs. Though, naturally, every other item is covered in bones and paw prints, which I don’t really care much for. I love the cute little flats with the kitty faces on ‘em, but I thought I make a solid, ‘un-eared’ version for more versatility and variety, of course. The name, though…is probably the cheesiest I’ve ever given to any of my CC…

About the shoes:

Recolor/somewhat retexture of the original Maxis mesh
Comes in 47 colors/shades
Has custom CAS thumbnails
Teen-Elder, feminine fashion choice
Disabled for Random and Situation
*Is NOT base game-compatible. Requires the Cats and Dogs expansion pack to show up properly!*

Feel free to recolor my recolor, if you like!

And as always, if you encounter any problems with my CC, let me know!



Download mod

File File size
zip Crystal_yf_NoNyans_EP3CatFlatsRecolors 1 MB

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