Brown Lowtop Sneakers For Males

Brown Lowtop Sneakers For Males

I like the lowtop sneakers available in both the demo and main game. I was pleased when I saw them for building my self-Sim but disappointed to see that they did not come in brown as my own pair do.
Here is a file to remedy the situation with a brown recolour. Hopefully you will get some use out of it too.

This recolour was originally created with the CAS demo but it has been fully tested in the main game and functions without issue as the screenshots show.
They are for male Sims from Teen to Elder and available in every catagory that the originals are. Don’t forget that in TS4 you can always clear the clothing filters if something you are looking for isn’t showing up in a certain catagory.

Simply place the .package file into your Mods folder (or subfolder therein) found at Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods


Color Magic,

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