Dragon Tattoo in Chinese

Dragon Tattoo in Chinese

I was reading some blogs about funny Chinese Tattoos people got (mostly after getting drunk). Even with menu on! So I think maybe I should make some Chinese Tattoos because Chinese is my native language and I was a freelance writer once for a while.

So here is dragon in Chinese. 3 fonts. For men and women, of course LGBT in the new update. Teen, young adult, adult, elder.

Leave me the message if you want some other Chinese characters for tattoo. For the game or for real!

Dragon Tattoo in Chinese
3 Fonts
Arm upper right
Gender: All
Age: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Created with Full-Built-Sims 4-Game and latest patch.

File: Tattoo_Dragon_Chinese_AnnW.package
Place the file into your Mods folder.



Download mod

File File size
zip Tattoo_Dragon_Chinese_AnnW 11 KB

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