Restless Soul Tattoos Set

Restless Soul Tattoos Set

Hey lovely people, I hope you’re doing well, here is a new Custom Content for The Sims 4, a set of tattoos for the free spirits inside your sims, I was inspired to create these a while ago after reading Into the Wild, and got reminded of them now that I’m rereading Life of Pi, and since this month marks 26 years since Christopher MacCandless died, I thought it was finally time to make and share them.

I made 04 packages:
◊ Upper Back Tattoos: 18 swatches.
◊ Right Arm Tattoos: 18 swatches.
◊ Left Arm Tattoos: 18 swatches.
◊ Upper Back Tattoos: 08 swatches (Typography tattoos).



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