Samurai Tattoo Sleeve

Samurai Tattoo Sleeve

A Japanese tattoo with the image of a samurai and koi fish.

Comes with just Left arm options.
Stand alone item cloned, so it can be worn with tattoos on other body parts than you left arm.

Creator Notes

There is no need for any expansions or any other mods to get this working.

To install this mod direct to this folder:
C:Users:”your username”:Documents:Electronic Arts:The Sims 4:Mods

Then simply just drop the file inside the “Mods” folder and close the folder.
Now it should all work just fine!


Sneilert2, T3hSpoon on Deviantart

Download mod

File File size
zip Sneilert_Samurai_Tattoo_LeftArm 52 KB

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